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And everything else will fall into place. A lot of your happiness is dictated on whether you choose to love yourself and whether you take care of oneself. Our bodies are biologically wired to evolve to deal with our self-esteem. If you have noticed or encountered a life full of hyper -complex bundles of relationship dynamics. One must learn how to handle these dynamics when they arise. Relationship dynamics are always present, and they constantly influence our self-worth.

There’s three points to relationship dynamics. Learn to create strength, inner-peace and happiness. From one; Power: In every relationship, there is a power struggle, but one must learn to compromise. Two; Affect: Another person’s behavior has more to do with their own internal struggle. Then it ever did with you. Three, Respect: is earned and not given. A good example is your romantic interest. That person should be comprised with integrity, with who you trust and love. And gives you a certain amount of satisfaction.

If you are not compatible you will get the opposite effect. It can leave you injured or demoralized and bored, as well as frustrated and useless over time. But if you choose the right compatible partner, you will develop into a mature well rounded, compassionate human being. Fall in love with thyself, learn to value your self-worth. The only thing that matters is your self-worth. You really need to love yourself to truly understand Love.

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