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Love is magical, and yet so elusive, it’s an unexplainable force to reckon with. One needs, and should be convinced that love is mysterious, as well as impossible to understand. Not all relationships are created equal. This is somewhat subjective. What some consider to be thrilling, you might say pffft… All those emotions will generate excitement and incite fear. It is pretty much the definition of scary. Loving someone is a gift and a privilege, that you should not take for granted. Real love doesn’t come around very often. True love is supposed to feel natural, instinctive, organic and raw. A mind deriving emotional response, that takes you out of your comfort zone. And catapults your emotions into overdrive. Taking your mind to the next level of awareness, and sends your heart racing. So, don’t take this emotion for granted. Therefore, enjoy this euphoria for all it’s worth as you navigate this sense of great elation as you grapple with all these uniquely, challenging issues. Pushing boundaries, that you did not know existed in this unrelenting depiction of this dangerous behavior. With all the twist and turns, we call unexplainable love.

Sugar And Spice