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What does it mean to love another human being? What you say and what you do are intertwined. When it come to the matters of the heart. The language of love can be spoken in many ways, but nothing ignites a sensation like a new romantic interest. The power of love gives meaning, purpose and direction to our lives. People to express their feelings, thoughts and experience with love in different ways. Love is the most powerful force on earth. In effect, when love involves two lovers’ feelings, it plays a crucial role in bringing two people closer. Loving feelings produce loving behavior. One must understand the complex nature of love. A true explanation of love comes from the heart. Love is powerful and everlasting; it will burn forever if you truly in love it. It will never fade or diminish. The power of love gives direction, meaning and purpose. It meets our needs, desires and makes our life complete. Love will find a way to connect two people if their truly meant to be together.

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