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Nothing ignites the heart like a newfound romantic interest. This chemical reaction can set your heart
ablaze. A burning desire is often the driving force, why people do the things they do. Because people
are creatures of habit, who would not want to express what you feel. We as humans want one person
who would give you the love you desire, and the attention you so deserve. Their presence should make
your life complete. A higher power that one can not see within our souls. There’s a deep drive for that
one connection if we could just free ourselves from our newfound circumstance’s. And tap into our
internal fire and just let your essence fan the flame of love. The human heart represents the center of
all our emotions and romantic love as we know it.
The point is to ensure your future love is not a mind field. You don’t want to set the world on fire. You
just want one person to start a flame in your heart.

Sugar And Spice